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hi i have had gyno since i was 14 at first it was not that noticable ,i'd  do all the normal things sports loved swimming all the time shirt off etc, then it got worse had to  stop doing the things i enjoyed ,baggy clothes all the time on the outside i would act like normal but inside it was  hard its embarrising i could'nt talk about it .
im now 33 still have gyno i have a 7 yr old daughter who would love to go swimming with me it hurts   inside to say no to her ,i hate the summer i would still where a fleece to cover myself ,i finaly got the courage to speak to my doctor last week he checked me over then said surgery is an option but the nhs would not do it ,i would have to have it done privatly im gutted there is no way i could afford to .

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thanks for the comments ,wish this hot weather would go away .


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One other possible suggestion: wearing a compression shirt while swimming. It will look a little different, sure, but some people wear such clothing to avoid sunburn, etc. Dr. Bermant's website provides a link to compression shirts, and there are others on the market such as UnderArmour. I'm getting surgery May 18th, but I've ordered a compression shirt in the meantime and may wear it if I go swimming before then.

Good luck to you, friend!
Body shaping garments are only a temporary contouring solution.  They do not help remove or treat gynecomastia.  When the garment is removed, the gynecomastia is still there.  They can provide an emotional band-aid for the stress of contour issues and bouncing tissues.

There is a theoretical advantage for the person losing weight.  Scars that evolve under pressure do better than scars without pressure.  These garments are designed to help with pressure and scar evolution.  With weight loss, there is the issue of skin shrinkage.  Pressure may help.  However, there are no studies to evaluate such issues.  Trying to desing such a study is difficult if not impossible.

You can see actual examples of Compression Chest Contouring Without Surgery for different types of gynecomastia here:

Compression Contouring After Massive Weight Loss

Body Shaping for Puffy Nipples

Body Shaping Compression Contouring for Overweight Male - This one shows the Black Vest in use.

Body Shaper Compression Garment for Severly Obese Male

Check out the multiple views for each patient. Clink on the links to see other views of the garment and features of this design I prefer.

After surgery compression garments do not do well in pool water or sea water.  The salt or chlorine can damage the fabric.  There are Sun Protection Clothing Options designed for water use. 

A wet suit can also help.  Using a thin neoprene like Microprene can flatten the chest in water like a compression garment can help on land.  The after surgery garments do not work well in water, the wet suits do.  Both can be hot to wear, that is why I prefer a very thin garment.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
Learn More About Gynecomastia and Chest Sculpture

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cheers guys i will have a look at these vest's .

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It's so great to see dedicated surgeons like Drs. Bermant posting on this site!

Can you say...  'Calling Card'.  ;)

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