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don focus on gyne

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Hey Vladimir, a lot of us can relate to what your going through.  Being passionate about anything, sports, music etc. can be a great escape.  I have smoked marijuana since I was 14 (20 now).  I felt that I was becoming addicted to it and also became extremely paranoid it was contributing to my chest (you should research this) so I stopped just recently, not sure for how long.  

If your chest is bothering you enough I'm sure you can find the motivation to seek out the surgery, you might have to work like a madman to pay for it but if you feel like it could change your life it would be well worth it.

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I don't thing gynecomatia is your biggest problem.  You might want to seel out some help for counseling or depression.  You need to make the first step to help yourself.

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Maurijuana can cause gynecomastia. If you ever want to get rid of your gyno I suggest you stop smoking it.

If your gynecomastia had it's onset during puberty then that's good news. Be glad you're not someone with a serious endocrinological disorder that will last their whole life.

Tell your parents and get the surgery. Get this problem solved.


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