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Hi, I just turned 17. Im 5'9 and weight 145. My body fat % is only about 5.1 so I am by no means fat. When I came home from lacrosse today I realized a hard lump under my left nipple. I noticed it because it hurt when i accidently touched it. Im not sure if I have this gyno. I work out about 6 days a week and have lacrosse practice before that. One this you should know is that a few months ago I took Methyl 1 Testosterone and 1AD (another prohormone) but I have been off all supplements for a few months now and Im not sure if this matters but I have also smoked pot... not regularly but on a once and a while type basis. I just hope some of this information could help some one to hepl me find what is wrong with me. It seems like it just happened today, now I have one puffy nipple and one normal one... please help  Im not sure whether or not to worry about it or even tell my parents to get a doctors appointment ???


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 :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o Dude you are just 17 y/o why are you taking M1T and 1Ad that stuff will fu@k you the hell up. What was your dosage and did you stack them together? M1t is very very harsh on the liver and kedneys and is know to cause gyno especially if you are prone for it. In your case your body is already producing so much test. and taking M1T just kind of screws up the process if you know at I mean( hopefully you did your homework before starting your stack???).  What was your PCT(Post Cycle Therapy) like? That is very important when it comes to a prostreroids cycle and  hopefully it was norva(not sure of correct spelling) that would have aided in the prevention of gyno. 6oxo(test booster) because your body stop producing it on your cycle(two month it should be back normal) and last but surely not the least Milk-Thistle(help to get your liver  close to normal again)  that my friend is where your problem may have been PCT :'(. In addition, you are smoking pot so that may also be adding to the mix(Your body is still recovering don't smoke pot or sticks for a while ;)).
 Going to the doctor is go to be your best bet(blood pressure and liver check), depend on your dosage he is going to notice that you have been up to no good for a 17y/o (lol). He is going to tell you parents, you can rest assure of that. Nevertheless, you can be sure if you did do any damage to your body you will be in good hands(go to the doc. please). If you do decide to visit the doctor tell him what you took, your dosage, and your side effects don't sugar coat it. Tell your parents sh#t you thought is was a creatine pill or something lol, I know you will think of something. Good Luck....
Ps: Leave that stuff alone its not good for the body, your diet and hard work is the key for muscle building.
I am 6'1, 220 at the age of 25 and mostly all muscle, but have gyno(naturally accrued gyno) aint that a bitch ::) ;D
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This is crazy.  Where the heck to high school kids get this sh!t?

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   Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but don't want to do what it takes to gain hard earn muscles. They want a quick fix for spring break, summer or simply because they are not ronnie coleman over night. He is very lucky just to have a lump behind one nipple, rather than A-cups twins.

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  Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but don't want to do what it takes to gain hard earn muscles. They want a quick fix for spring break

Yep.... We live in a society where everyone wants things 'Like Right Now'. We want a car but have no cash... not many people save their coin but take out a loan instead. 'Take home now and Pay Later' sorta thing. Roid users sure 'Pay Later'..... with Gynecomastia! ;)

Steroids is one thing I would never use. Roids do nasty things to your body. Is it really worth it?


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