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Hey I am 15 and have puffy nipples . When I press them I just feel air and a little a disk type thingy. I have got a confess that when I was like 11 or 12 year old I had the most stupid habit of strecthing my nipples until they became really puffy. I hate them I weigh 67kg and have been this fat for quite a time. I hate the way they are standing upright all the time . They make me feel discouraged and annoy me .sometimes I think that this is just fat and loose skin . But I don't think either of these involve puffy nipples . When I feel really cold they stiff up and my chest looks a lot better. I have been weightlifting for a couple of days and I don't really think that this is helping me. My main problem is puffy nipples and I have gotta admit that I a big tummy and don't think in any way that I can be classified as thin .sorry for the poor English .please reply. Anyone. Please tell me if I need surgery.i have the money for it . But I don't think my parents r gonna support me on this


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hi billyboy,
I'm no expert or anything but i too have puffy nipples, I'm 22 and have had them since around your age as well. most doctors seem to say that unless you have had them for 2 years then it is not "established". weight lifting is always good, you should also try dieting and doing more cardio if you are as heavy as you claim to be. your still young so there is a possibility you could grow out of it. and weight lifting for a couple of days won't show any major changes right away. I started working out at 19 and didn't notice any muscle/weight gain till months later. hope everything works out with you.

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Why don't you post some photos for us?

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