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i need some help, ive taken methodrol =for years and realsied my nipples started getting sore, ignored it carried on pill popping then one day it hit me that my nipples shouldnt be sore and started to look different, i came straight off the pills, a year later and im left with whast only can be described as udder like nipples, i cant wear t shirts in public, or take my top off infront of anyone!i train an hour every day in the gym and have never been over weight, allways been in shape. I am twenty years of age and to be totally honest i will not live another year with these horrific things on my chest, if surgery is the only option could someone please tell me how much about i will have to pay, i showed my gp an she didnt see it as urgent! is there anything i can do as a temporary solution, got a holiday son which im dreading!!!!!!!! please someone help me before its too late.



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