Author Topic: HELP! I'm suffering from gynecomastia, need some advise, ( Singapore)  (Read 2108 times)

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I'm currently suffering from gynecomastia for 5 years. I felt really depressed whenever i saw my friend are able to wear tight fit clothing and going for a swim. My life is full of embarrassment and have no courage to take my shirt off in front of anyone.
So I started to look for help at NUH, they prefer me to kent ridge hospital. After I was consult by a doctor, the fee was $100, i was totally shock by the fee and a nurse told me, i should have gone to polyclinc for refer letter before coming. I regreted i had done.
So after the kent ridge hospital visit, I went to a nearby polyclinic and was refer to SGH.
the doctor told me, I will be inform about the appointment within 3 working days.

I wanted to know how much will be for the whole surgery?
As i'm currently a student and i had only $1000 to spent on the whole procedure. I wanted to do this alone. I have my medisave anyway, can my medisave pay for the rest of the bill too?
Please i neeed advice for this. 



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