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I've been pretty frustrated over the last year because i took some Sulpiride (in the name MODAL) which is an typical anti-psychotic medication given to me by my psychiatrist .

After two months I noticed I had my breast area bigger and it looked very odd ...

Immediately I had in mind the idea of medication induced gynecomastia , and I started to check about the medication and indeed I have found out that Sulpiride Can, and with pretty high likelyhood, cause the hormone Prolactin to be released in the braid , and as a result to create Breast Tissue .

A year past by and I can't be sure how much of it "came off" if any , or that I'm just lying to myself in order to feel better ... Anyway all I know is that it is there , and it's been over a year since it first developed ...

The Grudged Psychiatrist told me it would come off eventually , which doesn't happen

I don't know what to do ! Since I took the medication I can't drink alcohol anymore! It grows it too now !

So I haven't been drinking in 6 months now and I'm trying to find all sorts of solutions like eat stuff that produce more dopamine (to lower the prolactin levels)

and all sorts of stuff , But it won't come off ! it is there !!!

any suggestions or insights or whatever you want are welcomed


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Unfortunately, once breast tissue grows (for whatever reason) it is usually a one way street. Stopping the causative drug merely stops the stimulation but it does not help with regression of the breast tissue.

You might consult with an endocrinologist and see whether he could prescribe some type of medication to try to block the further growth and perhaps encourage regression of the breast tissue -- but I would be skeptical on the latter point.

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Thank you Dr. Jacobs for dedicating the time to write a comment

Nevertheless I feel that you can't be fully honest due to your occupation , a Plastic Surgeon , and especially after I've heard from various doctors that it can sometimes actually be a two-way street ...

Anyway consulting a endocrinologist seems like a good advice , thank you for that one

Have a Pleasant day Dr. :)


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