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This condition has made my life a total nightmare.
I first noticed something was wrong when I was 14 and saw my GP but told not to worry it would more than likely go when I was 19.
I was reffered to the cosmetic surgery department when I was 17 and they wasn't even interested in me and turned me away.
I've been in and out of the Army a few times and each time because I just couldn't hide my condition.
I've tried strapping them down with surgical tape, and plaster, which do work to keeping things down abit but when you take the tape off it rips chunks of your skin off with it. So now I go running around midnight when it's dark and no-one's about, i've never taken my top off in front of anyone even the girlfriend of 3years.
I just feel like a right freak even though apart from the condition i'm a normal bloke the constant wearing jackets even indoors in summer, not being able to do normal things like sports, wearing t-shirts  is wearing me down.
My GP is fighting to get me surgery but it's unlikely i'll get it.


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Why wouldn't you be able to get surgery?

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My GP has told me it's very rare that people get surgery. He wasn't very happy when they told me to lose weight even though I was just over a healthy BMI.
Plus it was like when I saw a consultant years ago he wasn't interested at all.
I'd pay for surgery but you can never save enough money up with every thing else to pay for kids,rent etc.

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It's such a burden emotionally that you should really have the surgery.
I take it that you live in a country they perform the surgery at general hospitals?

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Try and save for private surgery, do what youve gotta do to get the money

find a sideline, and start putting the money into an ISA. Why ruin your life over something that can be fixed?

you will get the money! Ebay made me a lot of money ... and still is ;) try importing stuff from abroad and reselling its worth the risks (clothes/electronics)

Good luck
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I've been in and out of the Army a few times and each time because I just couldn't hide my condition.
go into more detail about this.  the subject of dealing with this in the military, especially pre-enlistment, comes up a lot, and it would probably be useful reading for a lot of people, even in other countries. 

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