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Firstly i have to say what an inspiration this site was to come accross, like many of you with this disorder/unfortune, i have tried to continue on with life and make do with concealing, avoiding intimacy and simple things like the wind and anything to do with revealing my chest. Although since high school i have grown to deal with it, and partly it has subdued (due to loosing a bit of weight), still there are times where i'd rather  skip work or study just to avoid dealing with people staring or having that constant mental anguish of people and judgement.

I'm now approaching 21 and i want to appreciate this life i have, too many hours spent in front of a computer and not seeking companionship or adventure. After researching alot about this topic and honestly being abit scared of the surgery aspect, through reading the posts from you fellow battlers, ive mustered up the courage. I broke down in tears the other day to my mum and i felt that that was the catalyst, in the past if i had hinted that my moobs where bothering me she would generaly shrug it off, either telling me that i have no problem or making snide jokes to her friends nights later. But this time she supported me and i felt that that had mended a few strings.

Its surprising how such a supposibly small aspect of your body can make such an impact to your day to day life. I dont think i have a really signifigant case of the G but the idea of living without it is something i cant fathom, and will no doubt give me alot of confidence to take life as its meant to be experienced.

Cheers for your stories, taking the first steps to see the GP either tommorow or next week.


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Congratulations mate.  I completely agree with you on much of this, and it looks like we've both decided to stop suffering in silence on the same day! 

Good luck with your journey to a better life, and I look forward to sharing your progress.

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congrats how did it go btw? and i know i was thinking about it the other day actually my gland can be no bigger than an inch and it still manically depresses me from time to time wots that an inch but its one inch that sticks out, not much in other peoples eyes probably but in mine its the worst inch of my body


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