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Hey what's up guys,

Well, it's been a while since I last posted here regarding the huge scam about those pills they're selling on various websites ('diet aid of questionable value' comes to mind very quickly).

I returned the pills, but they haven't refunded my money back so I'm beginning to prepare for the worst and possibly get them reported to the BBB.

Anyways, back to the main topic, I have visited my Endocrinologist yesterday and he had a good close look at my chest and told me it was definitely Gyno, and it's definitely a lot of tissue that's causing it all. For all you guys in Southern California, he's Dr. Gutin located in Glendora and he was very helpful and pretty damned knowledgable.

He referred me to Dr. Gloria De Olarte in Pasadena. He told me she is the first person he recommends patients to because she has an unbelievably clean and substantial track record dealing with breast augmentations for both men and women. I visited her today and she took another analysis of my breast.

She told me a few things I didn't know, first of which my right side had more tissue than my left (even though for me they look equal) and she told me that this would definitely require lipo because she needs to remove all the excess fat in order to get clear access to the tissue itself. She told me that a bit of the gland will remain in order to prevent the nipples from depressing and to keep them upright.

Pretty much most of what she told me paralleled the information I have come across on this forum as well as other sites.

The total cost? $6300. $4k doctor's fee, $1300 hospital fee and $1k for miscellaneous things (anesthesia and for the vest mainly).

My insurance won't cover it b/c this procedure is purely cosmetic for my situation. Anyways, I'm scheduled to have the surgery on the 21st of next month, so once that is done I'll let you guys know how it went along with before and after pictures. If you use the search function, type my user name and you should find some of my pictures.



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your photos indicate some gland.  keep in mind that they may want to cover themselves by not taking out too much, but you won't be quite happy if it's not enough either.   it depends on the case, but a lot of people have been unhappy with lipo only with no excision, i would definitely confirm they plan to excise at least some of the tissue also.  
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