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Hey guys--
I am new here, but I wanted to thank all of you that posted threads and stuff here, because by reading some of them it encouraged me to get this surgery done.

I am 18 years old, and I have not taken my shirt off in public since probably 4th grade. I am not fat by any means, I am very athletic and in good muscular shap, but I've always had these puffy, pointy nipples...It comepletely embarrassed me, but I did a good job of hiding it...actually, when I told my parents I wanted to get surgery for it, they were bewildered-they had no idea i had it...

Gynecomastia made me have bad posture in order to hide my puffy nipples, and just about every shirt i own is black. It hindered me from going to swimming events, and I was always thinking of a new excuse as to why I could not go to the beach.  

I am so glad i did some research and found this site, because first off, it let me know that the glandular tissue was something i could not control and that no amount of running was going to get rid of it. Second, it encouraged me to talk to my parents and get the surgery.

I had the surgery a week and two days ago, and I feel so good about myself. Of course, I see now that I have alot of work to do to get my body exactly where I want it, but the surgery drastically changed the way I look, and words cannot express the relief and joy that that brought me.

I am looking forward to finish healing (i still have alot of bruising, but it is going away) and getting my body to where i have always dreamed it could be.

To anyone thinking about getting this surgery, that is scared to tell someone: my advice is DO IT! Tell someone! Telling my parents about this was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but I felt so good after it and they were so good about it.

Thanks once again to all you guys, even though I do not know you, I feel like you all sort of helped me make this decision!



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Congrats!  Hope to feel the same one day.   8)

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It sounds to me that we are very very athletic and muscular and i have had to hide my body for many many years now. I dont know anyone who knows about it besides my dad. Ive always had sex with girls in dim light and i dont even think they noticed. I guess i was just that good haha.  No one could understand tho why i would never take my shirt off since it appears that i have a "perfect" body. I just had my surgery today and i cant wait to finally show off myself.
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Can you tell us more about it, like your surgery experience, and how you told your parents?

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well that;s nice. i hope i have a supportive parents too. my gyne is a worse kind. puffy nips + "breast"..
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Congrats man.

I'm getting surgery in about 4 weeks. I knew little to nothing about gyne before today. I took off school to go to a consultation, then came home and found this forum. I've learned a lot about the condition, and I'm getting more confident about the surgery.

Hopefully I'll have a success story too.
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sounds like me, you and, captain are alot alike...i told my parents i had it, and all, but, not that i wanted the surgeory, i dont know how to get the money either...isnt it around 3000?

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after hospital, taxes (in certain states), and anesthesiologist's fees it's close to 5k.

Credit card is your friend. I know it's a lot of money but to look normal is priceless in my book.

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Contratulations man... I`m getting surgery on tuesday.. i.e. in 5 days from now... i`m very excited about it but also kind of worried... thinking whether it`s gonna work and stuff like that  ???... But fortunately it`s not gonna cost me as much, only 900 bucks, because i`m gonna do it in Bulgaria, where I live now... i was kind of worried about the doctor, but he is pretty well known here so i hope it`s gonna work out well... I`m gonna post a post-surgery story... Good luck to everybody and to me   ;D

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thanks john doe, and good luck zac!


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