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Hello. I had full upper body lipo this past wednesday including the removal of minor breast tissue.

I've been a big guy my entire life. Fat as a child. I always had bitch breasts. When I started to sprout in eight grade I slowly began working out and turned a fat kids body into a big kids body. By mid high school I did a good job turning my fat into a nice build. I was always a bit chubby but I was built enough to hide any gyno I had. That lasted unitl I was 26. When I hit the real world my career took off and my old body came back. My chest eventually turned to jelly and so did my lower stomach and flanks. My weight would fluctuate pretty dramatically as I could put it on and take it off qucik. I would swing 40 lbs in either direction every 18 months or so. This last time I went from being 270lbs to 235lbs. Im 6'2 with a large frame. 235 is still slieghtly over but my chest and abdoment didn't shrink at all after I lost 35 lbs so I decided to have surgery. Its something I've always wanted to do and I finally did it. (i'm 32 yrs olds)

The one thing I wanted to do in years was look good in polo shirt. I'm a businessman so the whole shirt and tie thing helps deflect from my appreance and my big frame helps me to hide my lumpy body. I just wanted to be able to put on a nice polo shirt that fit wihout my chest poking out and my luv handles forming a wider waistline. For years I would have to wear clothes that would hide my lumps. I would avoid the beach and summers because I was depressed about the way I looked in summer clothes.

After going through three doctors in the buffalo area I decided on one. It was simple. I went in and out the same day. I'm dealing with some discomfort and pain but everyday I inch towards recovery. My balls are still blue and the brusing is slowly going away.

I've taken pre and post op pictures but I haven't transferred them to my pc yet. So far I'm very happy with the appearence. My chest is already flat. I used to be able to grab a hole handful of my breasts, thats all gone. I can see my waist too which used to be covered by a flabby lower stomach and my luv handles aren't sagging over my shorts any more. Its too early to see the real results but so far I'm estatic. He only took out 3500cc of pure flab. I still have 15 lbs to loose on my own which should be a breeze during recovery.

(for anyone with a weight problem weight watchers works. I can drop 30 lbs in three months on that plan with minor cardio)

The compression outfit I have on is rather annoying. I see my doc again for the first time since the surgery tomorrow. I'll find out how I'm recovering then. I'll post pictures soon.

Even though its so early I put on a shirt I used to look good in while I was in college. I can see the results already exactly where I wanted to see them.  I have a closet full of clothes I'm looking froward to wearing!!!!


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yap i have same prob and going in for PS on 16th may..

i have hand full of boob too. will post my pics later on as well.

i need to loos about 20lbs as well.

i am 5' 5" - 170lb

so i am suppose to be 140-150 lean mean machine lolz.


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its been been two weeks today. I dont wear my vest either as my doc told me my skin is retracting fine without it. The bruising is 80% gone and I'm almost ready for light exercise. My chest looks amazing. I'm still a bit swollen in the chest and nips but my stomach is still very swollen and very hard to the touch. The doc says it'll take several months to see the final results but he did an absolutely great job on my upper body.

I took pics I'd rather not post yet as the bruising and bumpiness still looks bad.

I'm already wearing clothes I couldn't wear before. My breasts aren't popping out of my shirts and as swollen as my flanks are their not filling up the loose shirt that sits at my waistline.

All in all this has been and will continue to be a life changing event for me. I'm looking forward to the beach for the VERY FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. I've avoided the beach my entire life. For anyone on the fence just do it. Screw the money. My entire procedure cost 8k for my whole upper body which included the chest, stomach both upper and especially lower, sides and flanks. He even took out some fat under my armpit. He took out 4000cc of fat. Like I said I still have some weight to loose on my own which am working on now. Its amazing he took out only fat he was supposed to. I mean you could tell I still have a belly but its nothing like the loose flabby lower gut I used to have that wrapped around my back. Its truley amazing what he did.

I'll be back in a few weeks to share my post op experiences and post some pics as my body returns to normal. Good luck all!!!


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