Author Topic: Had surgery and it came back, had surgery again, and it came back a year later  (Read 1740 times)

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I will try to make a very long story short.  I did two short cycles of steroids in college (equipoise and deca). I did not take anything after to balance out my hormones, I know I know.

Around the same time my hair started thinning. My brother who is two years older was already bald at the age of 20.  I started to take Propecia/Finastride, 1mg a day. Think around a year later it started and a year after that I got it surgically removed (2008).

1-2 years after I got it removed it came back. As the years went by it got worse and it was also more painful than before. So I started taking less and less propecia to the point where I just stopped taking it all together. In March of 2012 I got it removed again.  I have not taken propecia at all but I have been using rogaine.  In the last week, I felt it come back suddenly. It does not hurt as bad and the puffy nipples aren't showing yet but I can feel it developing inside and I have the same puffy nipple feeling, just hasn't pushed out yet. 

I forgot to mention that I saw an endocrinologist before each surgery and both Drs said my hormone levels were completely normal and approved me getting the surgery. 

This disorder has taken a toll on me physically, financially, and mentally.  Has anyone ever heard of someone that has had two surgeries (not a correction) and it came back a third time?? Is there anything I can do before it gets worse and painful? Take testosterone maybe? Please help me.


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No.  Your story is singular. I've been here for years and not heard another story quite like yours.

Nearing 76, I grew up with Gynecomastia before surgery was a good option. By the time good, safe, effective surgery did finally become available; I had different priorities. like most men my age, I have not had breast reduction surgery. It was a condition that a young man simply had to learn to live with.

Perhaps in your case you might have to adopt the same coping mechanisms of earlier ages and simply ignore the condition.
Grandpa Dan

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Thanks for your response Paa. Obviously not what I wanted to hear but it is what it is.  Have you heard of Turmeric root working for anyone? Figured it was worth a try since it's natural. 

Maybe I will just move somewhere really cold so they don't puff out as much. Right now I'm traveling through Southeast Asia and in this heat I can feel it all the time.


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