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Hello all, Thanks a lot for this great forum and keep it going. Here is my story.

Had gyno ever since I can think of, more on the left side and less on right. I have been contemplating on surgery for last few years, but this summer I fet really awkward having to sit at home while my wife and daughter are at the pool. So I met a Dr. who is nt very experienced but very much qualified(in terms of his education), booked a surgery date 17 days from that date He did nt have too many pictures either.
But spoke with couple of people who got it done with him and they are happy they did it.
My condition was mild and he was 95% sure that the surgery will be smooth. It will be lipo with Gland removal(smiley face on my areola).
Went to surgery on 29th June, biggest event in my life after marriage 7 years ago, all the pre reqs were smooth, was under anesthesia for abt 5 hours, puked cple of times after the surgery(bcz of anasthesia, apparently). I was wrapped in a very tight binder with minimal pain and the hanging drains. Wife drove me home 40 mins away, lied down on a bed, took another pain killer, went to sleep at arnd 7. Got up again at 11pm with a little pain, needed my wife's support for everything including pulling my shorts up. As many people mentioned, pain was pretty manageable but I cd nt so I ended up taking 3 first day(12 hours), 3 the next day, 2 and 1 on following days.
Binder was very tight after I came from the hospital, got tighter on the first night, probably because of swelling, woke me up few times from sleep. Honestly, the sleep was very minimal for first 4 days as I have to sleep on my back, and also the drains kept me conscious enough, so did not go side ways. The Dr. called me next day morning(which was a Saturday) to make sure I m doing fine. Asked about the drains, told me never to leave them without support, asked me to wrap the binder as tight as you could. I can shower on the second day of the surgery. I did all that. After first night, I drained abt 15 ml each side, after that it came to 5,3,2,2,2. Went for a check up on Tuesday, he took the drains out. He also mentioned that he did a great job in the surgery, and I did a good job wearing the binder as much as I could.
Trust me on this, NO PAIN taking the drains out. Felt awesome coming home without those things on the side. Used dressing around those drain incisions, for couple more days, and they are closed as well. Now I only wear the binder, feels very nice. I tried the tight excersize shirts from walmart, but they didnt give me the comfort binder gives. Ideas?
My nipples are sucked in right now, there is gum around the sides and bottom of it. Dont know how long its going to be like that. If someone can mention what to expect in 2nd and 3rd week of surgery, that wd be great.
Sourness dropped down slowly each day, 10 days after the surgery, I can still feel it when I am walking up and down the stairs. Started driving on the 7 th day, a little uncomfortable.
Best part:
Chest is flat, great and loos nice. I still have those 4 marks, but they will go away in couple of months. I also noticed, I have a big tummy which was nt that noticable until now, will lose it without lipo :). I still have tight tissue?(lumps) on the side of my areola(above the incision) on both sides, but those slowly drop in size each day. I noticed a crater/dent on my right side(smaller breast), but I hope it will go away. It only forms when I pull the nipple back and forth otherwise its not noticeable. Both sides look symmetrical. No visible swelling for me, even the drainage was very minimal. I used to feel the water under my chest when I press in the first few days, but that went away couple of days after the drains were out. I dont have the pictures yet, but will post them soon as I have. My next appointment is on 20th July, can not wait for that date.

Bottom Lime: If you are thinking abt the surgery , go for it. Get it done. Will be glad to answer any questions.


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congrats.. i hope u a new life as i hope or each one of us,,,

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Glad to hear your story! I am 9 months post op, and my nipples changed each month since. At first they were slightly cratered in, but flat, which I was fine with. Two months later they came out and still looked flat. Around 6-7 months they both started to be hard ALL the time, which bothered me considering I enjoy a perfect chest since. I started to feel both sides, the left side, the side which had twice as much glad (according to my surgeon) had a dime sized round lump directly under the nipple, and noticeable scar tissue just around the incision, the other side was fine. At about 8-9 months, the left side just stopped looking bad, either that or I just didn't notice it, I even had a revision scheduled. I felt it a few weeks ago and 90% of the scar tissue dissipated and this is at 8 months later.

Don't stress about your results until at least 6 months, I would say 8 months unless it's a really big problem.


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