Author Topic: Had my surgery on 1st of jan is awesome  (Read 1151 times)

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 u know what, i am not able to express my joy, these keys on keyboard cant express it but my life has become very beautiful.
u just cant imagine  how it feels to be free from this menace.
If Mr. paw paw is reading this i really wanna thank u old friend.

just one thing i wanna tell to all those depressed fellows, like once i was, out there....don't let this thing ruin ur life
life is short, treat gynecomastia.
if anyone wanna ask or share something with me do write me,
i suffered from it and now i am now a beautiful looking guy and know what u r going through and i wanna help u....

fight ur bad days to get ur best days
god bless



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Your right life is short, but for me my gyne has not bothered me as it has others and for that I'm very thankful!

For those that need the surgery I'm thankful they can get it, so congratulations that you have gotten yours!
Remember now that the healing takes time, it can take many months to get your finished look so be patient.

Once again congrats!


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The doctor said it will require atleast 90 days to get the healing done....
Life is so great now, all those t-shirts that i use to dread of are now the one i like.

In my case my parents were my strength and it was possible only bcoz of them.

I really wanna help others who r still struggling with it, write to me,
i will help u

keep hoping...


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