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Hello Brothers,
I've been reading this board for the past year. I have learned a bunch from all of you and would like to say thanks.
I am sitting here in my recliner and its been about 72 hours since I woke from surgery. I got my first look at the results today in the shower and I am so happy. I had recently lost 120lbs from 287 at my heaviest (for the second time) and had gynecomastia as well as a bunch of excess skin in both my abdomen and breasts. I worked my ass off for the past 13 months in preparation for the day of surgery. I went to three consultations with three doctors one of which is a contributing member here and two who were closer to my city and had the credentials and experience to handle my case. I went with a doctor in not far from me who I felt very comfortable with. I'll be honest I looked great before the surgery everywhere except the skin on my abdomen and the lose skin/gland on my breasts. Diet and exercise took care of the rest and this was the finishing touch.
I was very worried that the results wouldn't be what I expected. I decided that I had to take the risk and am so glad I did. I almost cried tears of joy today when I saw what my surgeon had done to me. It is a miracle and something that will change my life like nothing I have ever experienced in my short 31 years of life. If I had thought the same results could have been possible ten years ago when I first lost the weight (and gained it back out of frustration) I would have found a way then but I had many doubts and just lived with it. I feel like I can finally start to learn to be happy with myself completely now and am so excited about the future! By the way I had abdominoplasty and gynecomastia Level III done at the same time. I feel awesome and only needed pain med for the first couple days.
Just wanted to share this everyone and say thanks for this site and the support it has given me in making this change in my life.

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