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I'm now 58 and I had gyno surgery two years ago in Sofia, Bulgaria and it was The Best Decision in My Life. (no BS).   Yes, I was sceptical and scared but finally said "F*%# It" I gotta do this.  THE BEST "F"ing DECISION OF MY LIFE.
Dr. Dinev and the staff at Vita Hospital were EXCELLENT!!! TOP OF LINE!!!  
I have been quoted prices in the US from $4500 - $8000 -- never less.
Bulgaria cost in total = $2400 (Surgery incl. blood work: $1500 + Compression vest: $50 + R/T air: $650 + airbnb apartment: $150 + Food & drink, etc: $200 = $2400).  
Was treated like a king while in the beautiful clean Vita Hospital during 3 day recovery. Super friendly nurses and staff.  Met a few women while there (even got lucky ;-) ), beautiful city sights, nightlife, etc.  
FANTASTIC JOB!!! Removed both fat and glands from both sides.
Dr. Dinev was (is) FANTASTIC.
Don't listen to or believe what all the U.S. doctors tell you
"You are tasking a big risk in those foreign countries with surgery like this"  BS BS BS BS. It's all about the money!!
Trust me!!   Do the same. Save your $$. Ditch the U.S. doctors BS and make the move I did -- You Will Not Regret It.  Google:  "Dr. Dinev  Vita Hospital Sofia, Bulgaria"
Contact me if you like for more details.



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