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I have been suffering Gyno since bout 11 yrs im now 15, i am about the only person in my school yr out of about 220 that has this disorde, a person from the outside really can not understand the sufferance faced by someone suffering gyno unless they have it themselves, the feeling of self hatred and lack of confidence is something faced by what i beleive to be most people with the condition. Looking in the mirror you cant focus on anything but it. Approaching girls for me is one of the hardest obstacles aside from taking a shirt of infront of any other person. I have been in situations such as school, swimming pools and a massage where i have no choice but to even for a breif period reveal my chest which i have found to be one of the most humiliating and uncomfortable experiences i have ever faced as a human being. i have had it for so long and heard the phrase countless times "it will go away" but it hasent. recently i saw a specialist and am booked in for surgery in 2 weeks i think regardless of what scars or deformities i get i think it will be worth it, anyone out there contemplating seeing someone about the condition i suggest doing so they can tell u what to do about it if something can be done dont self diagnose. If its that bad  i will go without wearing taking of my shirt iv gone one year can always go another few with stupid excuses and baggy clothing.


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make sure you're are seeing a "plastic" surgeon.
a general surgeon can mess things up.

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people here know how it is, welcome.  

you really had it starting at four?  i know it happens to some people that early, but wow   :o
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* if it screws up your life the same, is there really any such thing as "mild" gyne?


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