Author Topic: Gyno is gone insurance covered it :-)  (Read 1221 times)

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I had painful gyno since I was a teen I talked to my doctor about it I was very embarassed. I didn't talk to anyone about my gyno. To my suprise my doctor told me "Well do you want to have surgery to get rid of it" I replied I couldn't afford surgery he laughed and said I will make sure your insurance covers it. He referred me to a surgeon within walking distance from his office he is a certified general surgeon and vascular surgeon. We scheduled a date for surgery it was like two weeks from the first appointment. The doctor did an amazing job what a weight that's been lifted off my shoulders. He removed 84 grams from my left pec and 70 grams from my right pec. The insurance that covered it is BCBS PPO the location of both doctors is southern California. I didn't put the doctors names as I am not sure if its considered advertising on this website.


After surgery recovery

Today three weeks later I just removed the bandages



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