Author Topic: Gyno in high school  (Read 1284 times)

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I always played sports, was known well throughout school, but Gyno always held me back a little. Couldn't wear the stuff i wanted, timid to take my shirt off etc. First looked into Gyno when i lost some weight and noticed my chest poking out more. Wasn't too sure if i wanted to say anything to my parents. Eventually did, talked to my family dr and they confirmed i had mild gyno. Immediately talked to a surgeon and got the surgery done jan 10. Month and a half later i couldn't be happier (Except for scars and some swelling  that will get better over time). Already back into my normal workout routine with no pain, wearing what i want, more confident, better posture. Moral of my story, if you are financially able to get the procedure done, do it! Don't be afraid to let someone know you've done some research and want to get your chest checked out, one of the best decisions i've made. Wish i could've got it done during high school though, so don't regret waiting.   



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