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well my story may be ending by a strange discovery.
i 'm having this problem for last 23 years.

i tried all sorts of things -- from herbal medicine , exercise, body building,,, but none helped me

recently i was recalling my memory how it started. i remembered that it started at the age of 14. then i recalled that at the same time i started to get fatty and i was taking lot of tea also.

i decided to quit tea altogether. results are astonishing. all day i have no gyno feeling, no warmth inside nipples , no bulkiness.

i'm sharing this due to the reason that someone could dig further and come up with a reasoning and proper remedy.\\



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Hey, I used to drink an insane amount of tea during my youth, so who knows.

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Any certain kind of tea?  I drink it in spurts.  Just your typical black tea like Liptons and make iced tea out of it. 


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