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I have had gynecomastia ever since I was 13th in 7th grade. When I would go to the doctor he would tell me that it is just puberty & it will go away soon within 3 years. I am pretty sure that it is a big gland under my nipple and if I squeeze it a small amount of clear fluid comes out. I am now 18 and in college. Ever since the condition had come I have been too ashamed to take off my shirt. I am not over weight ( 6'3" 195lbs) and have been playing basketball since I was the age of 6. At first both nipples were very large but then the left nipple shrunk down some and my right nipple has gotten bigger. I'm not sure what the cause is but I know that my mom has problems with her thyroid and takes thyroid medicine. I have been trying everything to get rid of this condition because I have a slim athletic toned body which makes my nipples show more when I wear shirts. Please let me know if it will go away or will I have to get surgery. Thank you very much


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You can probably stop looking as the cause will most likely never be known if the condition has been stabilized for several years. Likewise if the condition has been unchanged for that long there are but a few choices.

Live with the condition. For centuries this was the only choice.

Get a compression vest from a sporting goods store. There are several different models available and you could get some information on them here if you just go looking. They do not treat the condition, but they are helpful at concealing it.

Have surgery to reduce the breast size. Improvements in surgical methods came into use in the 1970's and 80's that have made surgery a good option. It is now both safe and very effective. So much so that breast reduction is the most common of cosmetic surgeries performed on men. This means that many people who are not qualified to do this are trying their hand to make money from victims/er/patients who fall for their advertising. Good surgeons are not that hard to find though, just be careful.

There are many companies that will be happy to sell you their latest "Cure"; But none of these actually work. Save your money for surgery instead.
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Same as mine. You need surgery. Good luck friend


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