Author Topic: Gyne in Highschool  (Read 1872 times)

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I'm going to be completely honest, it's terrible. People call you breasts, juggs, they grab your breasts and talk about you. I was popular so I let it go on and take it as a joke, but even the girl I was hooking up with would grab them and joke around about them. I acted like I didn't care but deep down it sucked because I was known as the guy with breasts.


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Man, whats up with guys grabbing each others nipples?

Instead of it being considered mean, does anyone else think that its kinda...well perverted?  Like, what kind of person puts an unwanted hand on someone else?

Wow, what a bunch of freakin pervs!

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in highschool I found it really hard to decide what shirt to wear in the morning every day, or to talk to the girls I had a crush on. I would just stare at my closet full of shirts and get upset. Glad nobody ever grabbed my boobs though! I dont have such a problem with it now at college, though

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one guy did grab me, i was in a lunch line full of people and i mean full of people, i have like 5 or 7 people surrounding me, imagine a wide snake, that's how the line was, well some guy i sorta knew past by and grab my chest in front of all this people LOL this guy was probably gay or something, good thing i didn't panic or anything, i just laughed it off.


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