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I cannot begin to describe how low I feel at the moment about gynaecomastia and my weight.

I have always been a bit on the chubby side. When I was 16 I decided to take some action and lose weight. I'm 5ft 9 and I went from 13st 2lbs to 11st. People said my face looked gaunt and it didn't suit me to be that weight and I shouldn't lose any more - but I still had the man boobs.  Until I later was diagnosed with gynaecomastia two years later, I had an awful relationship with food - starving, throwing up - anything to lose t hose "final 10 pounds" that might make the man boobs go away.  After the lack of the success, I went on a binge-/comfort-eating fest that lasted for months and before I knew it I had put on the weight plus even more.

I am now just under 15st and have been going to the gym every day and eating healthy foods...but the weight just won't come off, which I'm quite concerned about, because it used to be so easy before, and now, not a single pound has shifted after 3 weeks of gruelling workouts and a restricted diet.

When I found out that I had gynaecomastia, I had contrasting feelings. One feeling was relief - that I had been diagnosed, that it was a recognised condition and I wasn't a freak.  The other feeling was that I had suffered some kind of injustice, that I didn't deserve this and I felt despair that weight loss would only do so much and wouldn't get rid of the man breasts properly.

Since seeing a consultant, I have to wait until I'm 21 to qualify for surgery under the National Health system in the UK. I must also lose 15-20 kilos which is just over 3 stone.  I just feel so depressed that my weight isn't shifting despite efforts, and although I'm ever so grateful that I can have the surgery in 2-2.5 years, I feel like I can't go on with my body in this way.

Any advice would be welcomed.


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first off congrats on being granted help. I'll help you here a bit if i can. Just a bit background on my part so you know how i can relate to you:
Iv'e just had surgery 6 days ago (experiance is a different story but i'll not go into that), iv'e had gyno since i was about 12 and i'm now 24. How i may be able to help you is that i go to the gym for bodybuilding but stopped because gyno wouldn't go and put a large amount of weight (fat) on. My surgery was granted without the condition of loosing weight but they did mention is should loose some for the benefit of the op i.e the more healthy you are the better the recovery will be etc. So since 1st march iv'e dropped 2 and a half stone and gained a lot of muscle mass so in terms of fat iv'e probablys lost a lot more. How i did it and iv'e done it this way twice now is sticking to some basic rules.

1. To loose fat you need to burn more then you take in
2. Cardio does work faster in burning fat but if yuo do any exercise as long as you heart rate is up and your left breathless it works.
3. Use exercises that boost your metabolism. Squats are very good for this.
4. Eat clean 99% of the time but set yourself 1 or 2 cheat meals a week (mine was a bag of chips from the chinese with gravy & a large grilled chicken breast)

So every day i have:
Breakfast- Protein drink (also with a banana on workout days)
2 meals of tuna and rice and 2 meals of chicken breast and vegetables
Evening meal (just before bed)- Protein drink
Each meal has between 30-40 grms of protein and tweek your carb intake to get results

So 6 meals may sound like a lot but if you count the calories it's not a lot but the quality is there. I'm not saying switch to a bodybuilding routine but if you do, what works for me is 3-4 exercises per body part, 4-5 sets per exercise and around 15 reps per set to get your heart going. Keep things fresh by alternating your meals and the same with your workouts to keep your interest. Also note that cutting your carbs i.e the Atkins diet is the worst thing you could do, your diet has to be a way of life to keep the weight off. Also you need rest days or else you'll burn yourself out and get dissheartened. Hope this helps and good luck, if you have any questions just message me or email me
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