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well my parents said they werent goin to get my the surgery, but after talkin to my mom she said she may get the surgery if i could either make all a's next year in college (im at a junior college so it shouldnt be too hard) or if i got a scholarship somehow to another school on tennis (which would pay for the surgery), after i tell them that the excision should be a little cheaper than i told her previously it may help a lil, i just gotta work hard to get one or the other and i should be able to have the surgery done...ive made both of them my top priorities i really hope i can have this surgery before i go to a 4 year peace and gl to all


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Make sure to tell your parents this to get the surgery in a much faster time frame. You can negotiate with what ever surgeon you are seeing. And since you are only getting excision it will be cheaper in the first place. Probably $3700-4000. That would be a close estimate. So, tell your parents if you tell the surgeon you are going to pay upfront for the surgery and are looking for a better rate you will get a better rate. Surgeons love people who pay up front that means they get their cash right away. You can get an average of 20-50% the estimate right away. It could be possible to get the surgery if you negotiate right for $2250-3000 maximum. My parents are already in the process of doing that if Aetna doesn't take my claim. You can negotiate on plastic surgery just like you can negotiate on a car. Buy getting 20% plus off on the price I am sure your parents could get you the surgery much faster and save a lot of money in their pockets for other things. Good luck to you and also some surgeons offer payment or financing plans to work with your budget.


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