Author Topic: Going to the beach with gyne - we all know it!  (Read 2077 times)

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This maybe isn't my story per se, but I'd just like a place to be able to rant with fellow gyne-sufferers about going to the beach.  ;D

It's the worst thing, ever. I haven't swam in the sea since 2004 I think, and even then I just sprinted into the water after taking my shirt off.

Everyone is always asking me why the hell I'm not swimming when we go to the sea side, but I just stay in the shade, read a book and drink a beer.
And even my friends whom I have known for a long time keep asking that... either they don't know that I have gyne (which I doubt, as it's pretty much visible in the summer) or they don't think it's a big deal... which I have noticed with 'normal' people; they don't mind making fun out of gyne because they don't consider it to be that much of a problem, it's like having a large nose or big ears...except some girls I know of course, especially one who told me she's never going to do anything with a guy who has bigger breasts than her... :o Of course, to my satisfaction, I can easily say she has almost microscopic breasts, so, UP HERS!  :D

Anyway, the beach... I always wear a shirt over my t-shirt, so my chest area is covered because the wind blows there a lot. And I feel like such an old man sitting in the shade just watching all the normal young people my age (22 +) swimming and not caring about their bodies. It can be depressing sometimes, but fortunately I'm old enough now and not a teen anymore, and I don't care about my physique so much anymore.  :)

Oh yeah, just remembered about going to the seaside when I was a kid...I didn't know what gyne was back then, I just thought I had a slightly larger chest due to my I still went swimming no problem, except that on the way from our place to the beach I would always put the towel around my neck, with the two ends falling over my chest. That's a pretty nifty cover by the way.  ;D

So that's it from me, now rant away!  :D


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I hear ya...I definitely avoided going to places like the beach or a pool because of my condition.

However, especially in places where I didn't know anyone (like on vacation), I adopted that attitude that no one knows me and I won't see any of these people again so I didn't let it stop me.  Of course, I was never completely comfortable and tried to minimize my exposure.

I am now 2 weeks post surgery and I can't believe that it won't be an issue for me anymore.  I almost still feel like I will be self conscious about it at first because I am so used to feeling that way.  It is going to be strange.

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Yeah it really bothered me this past summer at Panama City Beach. I spent half the year diet down and working out really hard. I had abs starting to show through but my chest was still just as bad as ever...luckily I have surgery next Wed.

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Oh do I know about the beach and pool! I live in Galveston, and as a child my fam would always go to the beach (all along the gulf states) for our summer vacation. As a teenager I worked at a day camp that was at a fitness club with a pool, and we went swimming everyday! Sometimes my gyne would bother me (mentally) more than other times. Somehow I got through it, and somehow I always made a gf at the beach  ;)

Yes! I have used the towel trick too. I had gyne on only one side (my right) so I would throw the towel over my right shoulder to hide my big breast - lol It seemed to work, for a while anyway.

I just had surgery two days ago, and I'm looking forward to the Galveston shores this spring. It is going to be so weird to not have gyne popping my chest out. It's gonna be cool  ;D
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