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So my gyne is a result of finasteride use.  I am in good shape as I workout frequently, needless to say I am not fat.  Therefore, I'm assuming (noob here) that a majority of my gyne is glandular  ???  I don't have pictures yet but, it seems that most of my problem lies from the nipple down, the top of my pec appears to be normal, but once you get to the bottom of my pec there is an issue.  
My question is, will glandular excision surgery be less expensive tha lipo and glandular together?  Or is lipo apart of every surgery regardless of whether or not its just gland?  Opinions for a noob please  :-[


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Nipple down.  Yep, common problem.

No. Lipo is not necessarily part of every surgery.  Some guys are obviously gland only and that's all that's removed.  

Some doc's will do both lipo and excision for less than others will do just the one.  Talk to a few PS's for experience and pricing.

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I have the exact same problem. I work out, have developed decent pectoral definition, but from the nipple down it is certainly not normal.


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