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I'm brand new this this forum and pretty new to this topic.  I'm 56 yr old bimale and just recently developed gynecomastia.  I'm bisexual and six years ago pierced my left nipple.  I was very pleased with the increase in nipple size and sensitivity and decided I wanted a matched set, so I pierced the right one a year later.

Sixty days ago in noticed a tenderness directly behind my nipple and could feel a gland developing.  I then noticed over the next few days additional soft tissue as well.  I have not developed any breast tissue on my right side as yet.I figure my development of breast tissue was brought about by a lower testosterone level due to years of drinking.

I can certainly understand that gynecomastia can reak havoc on young people's lives as it is so important for them to be normal.  For me, I like my new breast and hope the right one develops as well.  I've read that unilateral gynecomastia can occur.  Is there anything I can do to encourage the development of breast tissue on my right side?



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You can take estrogens to enhace development. There are sprays as well.

I guess its better to have a symmetric gyne.

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Asymetry is quite normal even in females.

Generally speaking, breast growth in men is something that can only occur if the relationship between Testosterone and Estrogen is out of balance. It is common in early puberty, but not in adults without an underlying cause. While the condition is harmless in itself, It can be a symptom of other, possibly serious, medical problems.  It would be wise to ask your Doctor about this and possibly get a referral to an Endocrinologist who specializes in reproductive problems.
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