Author Topic: Flexing Chest Muscles 2 days post surgery  (Read 1557 times)

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I'm sure it wasn't a great idea, but I flexed my chest momentarily day 2 after surgery to see where my definition resides. Is this a bad thing to do during recovery? It was performed for only a few seconds and I wasn't going all out. I was just worried that I had too much removed and worry my chest may be too flat, In another post I was told it's too early to tell. I do not plan on  doing this again, but I have some insecurity about the situation as I do NOT want to lose any definition that I previously had. I have been  resting a lot and even though I flexed momentarily, I wasn't in any major pain. Does anyone know if this would affect the possible outcome for for doing something like this, I don't want to delay the healing process, I'm just concerned about the issue. Thanks!

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I flexed my chest by accident a few times after my surgery.  I'm 7 months out from my surgery and I don't think it did any damage.  You don't realize how often your chest muscles are actually needed until you have soreness lol good luck with your recovery!


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