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Hello. Ive been reading here for a couple of months. Ive know about gyne for a long time. I've had it for like 4-5 years. I'm a 6'0 tall 185 lb 19 year old  and just had surgery today.

It was a breeze. Very minimal pain and right now I'm just so. Had 12 oz removed from each breast. that's fat and small amount of tissue. The lipo got the tissue. No need for excision.

My Dr. was Melinda Haws of Nashville, TN. Her and her partner run a womens pastic surgery business, but do see men. Haws has done 20-30 men this year. I believe. She did an amazing job from what I can tell. Two minor incisions at the base of the nipple. that's it. NO BRUSING or gross bleeding.  Just tenderness and soreness.

I got up the courage to tell my mom last month and got it done. I move back to college on August 19th.

I had a girlfriend for 9 months and were sexual, she knew about it and supported me with it. We aren't together now. We broke up about a week before I told my mom. We are still close and talk daily. She's like my bestfriend and excited for me. I have to say I've been lucky with beautiful women. So, I am happy to say it can only get better confidence wise now.

I strongly incourage you guys to get it done. Just research it well. It took me a long time to sort it out, but no worries and nothing to fear men.

God Bless


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  • surgery done 05/09/06
any pictures for usto take a look at

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yeah gimme a day or so. I've got only 3 befores and the're on the virus ridden destop and I'll have to take new after pics. I deleted them off my camera. I still dont have a memory card and it's a 400 dollar camera. Im cheap...ha.

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  I am 16 and i am waiting for word on my surgery my plastic surgeon told me that i also  have to get lipo to remove the fat and i have to get the gland  cut out.can you tell me what my scars will be like and if they will be very noticable....
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