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Well at 31 years old, I've dreamed of this day for about 17 years. I'm sure most everyone here knows about what comes with the territory of gynecomastia. I feel great as of now, 2.5 weeks post op. I just wish I was able to afford this surgery sooner as it would have saved me about 15 years of heartache, pain, depression, insecurity, confusion, rejection, etc, etc.... all with their own consequences.  I know there is no need to rehash the same emotions over and over, but this was a killer to my social growth, physical growth, emotional pain. I have so much more work to do as I had the surgery, a complete reduction, at 280 lbs. I lost about 40 lbs prior to and am continuing to work on my weight. 
It was pretty drastic. I was prepared for the response from people I knew and actually you would think people would be happy for you, but it was the opposite. If anything, having this condition for so long it has taught me how to be independent and how to stand alone being something like an "outcast". I've never had a girlfriend or entertained relationships with women and I'm not sure if that will change anytime soon, because I have been so inclusive and "falsely" introverted for so long. I can be happy alone, but don't prefer that. Next up after losing more weight is to learn to swim.
Since I had a major surgery, I'll forever be scarred, but I'll take that for now. I knew it wouldn't be pretty, maybe I'll do some tattoo's or ink later on, but to be completely honest ever since the surgery I have cared less. After I get my belly down, I might go completely shirtless.
It felt great at my second visit to mention to my doctor, "You have no idea how this feels". 
I know most guys here understand, but this whole experience has me thinking about other children who will have to grow up with the same kinds of mental anguish and torment growing up. I would like to be able to sponsor another youngster similar to myself at a later date. That is a charity, I'd invest head over heels into. I'm sure most would agree. 

I'm planning to add more later, but I just wanted to type a note for my fellow gyro brothers. 



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