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Everytime my ex girlfreinds complemented me ..'Baby you are looking so dashing' or may be 'u are looking so good with this full sleaves T-shirt , suiting ur countour, broad shoulders and narrow waist' or even when intimate 'Babes , u have such an awesome physique'..every single time it was more agonising  :-[.With a suit or a shirt on , i knew what i was hiding inside and while intimate,.. the girls were kind of naive , they thought i was having great pecs.This was killing me.A well crafted physique but alas !! i was carrying something inside which made my world a diificult place to live in.

It all started when i really got to realise the problem.In school days.I was in a baording school where we guys had to take bath together and that was the problem.Friends unintentionally started hurting me deeply.stuffs like 'hey u got lovely boobs' or 'whats ur bra size'.I tried to ignore..

Since then...and for so long..i just wanted to be normal like any other guy.I just longed to be normal.

Tried everything , started working out rigorously , ran 5 kms a day X 6 days a week.Starved myself of carbs , dropped weight , looked lean and mascular , watched movies like Pumping iron , went thru every pages of 'Encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding for men' , did decline flys , parallel Dips , decline Bench/dumbell presses...Tore my lower biceps in the process...result..a great physique .. and with great boobs.I switched habits , left working out , drank , ate , became fat ..and then again went to the gym ..shed weight ..and the process continued...

My parents are i finally told my mom one day that i cannot bear this anymore ; she tried to assure me by saying there are lot of people who has it like this..The terms called Gynecomastia.Thats it !!! Myself being a software pro , started reading about Gyne on internet and its remedies.This research went on for months and finally i understood the only way to come out of this pain was surgery.

I convinced my mother and since i happened to be the only son , she was very very tensed up.I was outside my country and i asked my mother to contact the best known cosmetic surgeon in the city and i will visit him once i am back.Money did not matter , i am 32 , lived long enough with this mental trauma and i am getting married  this year....It was now or never.

Took an emergency leave , made up some male thingy and bull storeies in my company and went back to my country.I visited the doctor.The Doc saw and told me , i think u have very less fat and more of glands , we will take out both.I knew things were happening.

next day , on 12th September was the day for me.All other pre examinations and tests were already done and i was sitting with the gown with my tensed mother beside me.I really appreciate my mother to have put up with the mental condition she was going through.

Now i was on the OT Table and i knew that they would give me local anaesthesia (a bit more painful but the healing is better).Shaved i already was , they pinned in quite a few needles and then pushed in Xylocane.This was painful , but i knew how to endure pain , and did not make a sound , few minutes later , the sensations went numb.No fat came out and the doc took out those nasty glands and when he said 'u know ... now this is not a part of ur body anymore...' believe me was like a new life..i was consious throughtout my opearation and was continuously talking to the doc...

Guys !!! I am thee weeks down now ..almost 65% edeama is gone chest is looking flatter and the shape of my body has changed.I am wearing the pressure garment(ARHHGGGHHHHHH!!!!!) I hate this though , the worst part of the entire process , but nevertheless i am going to wear it for another month...and  i am looking forward to going back to the gym and get back into good shape.My whole life is changing..and its a great feeling to be like a man.!!

I have few photos , when i had put on a bit of weight , however i donot have the pictures before the surgery .its with my doc.I promise to upload those photographs another two months down the line , the pre-op and post - op photos.

The surgery has almost chnaged my mental health...and i have my heart for all of u guys who had been suffering like me.My suggesstion is !! Go ahead and do it ..Its worth it!! All the best to you all there.


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high five at you  :)  

what i would have given to learn the word ten or twenty years before too.  
* a man is more than a body will ever tell
* if it screws up your life the same, is there really any such thing as "mild" gyne?

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I am uploading few of my boobs photographs here.It was ugly man , i swear.This was the time i was really frustrated , put on weight and decided to take my photos one day after getting drunk in my apartment all alone to really see how ugly i looked. :'(

I had taken these snaps myself.

i already had the opeartion and now i am 3 weeks down , looking definitly much better without those ugly bulges.However , still there is some swelling in my lower pecs (i would call it so now ..hehe) .Hopefull it goes away with time.

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You look like a guy that could really be helped by a good doc.  Best of luck amigo.


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