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I'd like to share the results exercising has brought me. I'm not really impressed and disappointed to be honest. I was lying to myself all this time believing my "Puffy Nipples" would just go away with exercising. I've finally come to the conclusion that surgery is the only option. After almost a year of hard cardio/strength training and a rigorous diet, I managed to retain some muscle, drop my bodyweight to 149 pounds, and reduce my body fat levels. Take into consideration that at 5'11" 149 pounds is very light. My usual weight is in the high 150's to mid 160's. And my bodyfat is on the low end, not sure how low.

I started targeting my chest more than usual and I think thats the worse thing I may have done. My nipples have gotten puffier than before. It seems as if the nipples have been "pushed out" further!  :-\ Maybe this has not been the case for all of those with the puffy nipple gynecomastia but it has for me. If you ask me, working out your chest will only make them puffier. I would strongly advise against that. With that said, this is how I look now. Maybe these pics will help those that have a similar case and can't get a picture in their minds of how they would look more or less and a lighter weight.


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ur very light and lean man! good job on the discipline. good luck on ur surgery.. :) dude, it should be no problem! gland incision with no liposuction! piece of cake and easy recovery (atleast with mine)


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