Author Topic: Enjoy Gynecomastia  (Read 2138 times)

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Those who have gynecomastia arise later in life haven't felt the social pain of those who matured with it.


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Iv had it since 13 but whats the enjoy bit about :S?

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ive learned to enjoy and except it too. I had surgery once and my gynocamastia grew back because my doctor didn't investigate and find out that i had hormone problems all along. Now Im back up to a B cup size and enjoy them fully. I dont worry about people seeing them at all any more. I actually think they  feel good when caressed by my hands.

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A statement like that will obviously not fit everyone. I've seen cases where men in their 50's or 60's have come here in totally panic when their treatment for BPH caused some breast enlargement.

Some people hate their breasts and some like them. I dont know that age makes much difference.
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