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I’m a 30 yrs old with the name “NOT REQUIRED “ (for this post) and work for a financial services company in Bangalore, and i work in sales. And “Cute Quotient” is unfortunately important while meeting clients. With Gynecomastia is always very difficult to prepare and be confident in the way you appear and present yourself.

I always in my head kept thinking are they looking at my chest or are they thinking if I am a Cross Dresser who forgot to remove previous night shows accessories off or this guy mite be doing junk look and side effects are showing up on his body. You get an idea rite it disturbing to think that i have to make a presentation and think 10-15 people in the room might be guessing what the hell is wrong with this guys chest. And you cannot leave it behind its just “DISTURBING”. Their might be people who don't bother if there are i’m happy for them but unfortunately i’m not one of them.

I had Gynecomastia Surgery done by Dr Y.N. Ananteshwar from Manipal Hospital on 11th July 2015 and this is my story I want to share this standing on otherside after 15 yrs of humiliation, inferiority complex, self-loathing and anguish.

Journey So far:

I always was a healthy Kid growing up (i mean Fat Kid) I noticed my Chest nipple area bulging when i was 13 yrs old, I had a class trip to a nearby waterfalls and i was hesitant to get into water thinking i have to remove my T-Shirt and my classmates might make fun of me.

I always thought it might be because of my weight and kept running around, play football do anything which will help me lose weight. and it did work i have to admit, i lost weight but the bulge near my Nipple area did not subside and I thought this is it. Their is no option i have to live through this humiliating thing for rest of my life.

In 2008, i was keen on getting fitter and when i was going through workout routines on Google I came across this term Gynecomastia and realised that this is what I have. And treatment meant i have to go under the knife and i was scared and talk myself out and concentrated on carefully planned workout plan for chest area which gave me a stronger shoulder and firmer chest with which sort of help conceal Gynecomastia for a period. And not having consumed any type of supplements meant i was not going to aggravate my condition.

In 2010 i had an injury during a football match and had a ACL tear on my right knee and my journey of fit to obese began with it. I was not going to pursue sports seriously so i opted against the surgery that meant i dint workout much and started putting on weight consistently. I was around 67 Kgs in 2010 and by 2014 I was 87 Kgs. With added weight my Chest fat increased and Gynecomastia started to look more prominent and had to wear loose shirt, wear concealing jackets or wear sweat shirt during summer it was ridiculous.

Surgery Count Down:

I was researching on Doctors to meet for the surgery and  Dr Ananteshwar was right on top with a lot of people reviewing positively about him. And noticed considerable work he had done in other plastic surgery cases and reconstruction etc. And to remove the fear of Surgery itself I started reading a lot about the surgery and started viewing more and more videos on this surgery so i can eliminate fear of factors involved step by step.

On 11th May i made appointment with Dr. Ananteshwar and based on initial conversation i was going to make decision on if i should meet other Doctors and other facility etc. But every good thing being said about him on other reviews were true. He is very helping and kind sounding individual. He examined me and made me feel at ease giving example of situation how to cope, few past cases etc. He assessed that I had Grade 4 Gynecomastia and their was bit of influence of Pseudo Gynecomastia with Fat accumulation in my chest area. And walked me through the procedure which included Liposuction and Gland Excision. He asked me to take few tests before the confirming the surgery date.

I walked back home and got on with the day and next day it hit me that i will be going under the knife and i was being a wuss and dint go back for tests. I was scared plain and Simple, "I was scared". I wanted to talk to my parents about the surgery but opted out if it. I was not comfortable to remove my shirt in front of my friends i was not going to talk to my  friends about it. So, if i had to go through with the surgery i had to make myself to be stronger to go through this process however scary it sounds. I took some time off and went back to meet Dr. Ananteshwar and explained him about the anxiety i was feeling and he said it is natural for anybody to feel the way and asked me to go through the tests whenever i’m ready. I went back on 21st June got the tests done which included Blood work, HIV Test, X-Ray, Fitness level (in terms of BP, breathing etc as i’m a smoker) for Anesthesialogist assessment on if i can last 3 hrs procedure.

I got back with the results and Doctor’s assistant confirmed the date and I had to report to hospital on10th July before 8 PM to get admitted. They also gave an Estimation of Rs. 112000 as the maximum cost. Given the worst expected this was the cap i need to have to surgery to proceed.

Day Prior and Day Later

Anesthesialogist has advised me to quit smoking, do Steam Breathing everyday and if possible do cardio exercises and few breathing exercise to get rid of phlegm and ease breathing. I followed everything except smoking i was facing trouble to follow that one critical step, on 10th July day prior i smoked 8 Ciggies. before 4 PM because of anxiety and that was my last cigarrette for the day.  I finished my dinner and 7ish I reached hospital to get admitted. I was waiting for my turn to talk to the staff and i was having second thoughts and was pacing up and down in the waiting area and walked back till the gates as well to drop the whole plan, my nerves were getting better of me. And then I remembered something i read sometime back “Those who don't try lose anyways” and this helped me immensely. I got back inside spoke to staff and admission process began and i knew it was going to be real from here and it was clear.

Anyways my admission process began, I had asked for General ward, but rooms where all booked so they put me in day care room with another patients in the room. As soon as i got to the room they did series of test and asked if i needed something to eat because post 12 AM on 11th July i will not be allowed to eat or drink anything. The Nurses were kind and somewhat annoying kept asking who else is coming? their is nobody coming today? not even tomorrow? why? Its sweet but i cannot explain the story to every other person rite. so i finished with my test drank lots of water and tried to sleep. The neighbour was a real musician he kept snoring through the night and i woke up by 3 i couldn't go back to sleep with the noise of his snoring. I was reading news on TOI and NDTV apps for the rest of the morning. At 5:45 Nurse came and asked me to freshen up and asked me to change to hospital dress and asked me to remove watch chains and even underwear and have only those hospital clothes on. Those were pretty thin material.

They started with few injection to check if i’am allergic to any medication and set up IV injecting thing and others and wheelchair’ed me to Operation theater, Dr Srikanth was waiting for me explained me the things about what will be done and took photographs for before after thing and marked the area to work during the surgery. And i was asked to lie down on the table and in 2 Mins i was out and woke up in recovery room with my compression vest and two tubes sneaking out connected to a hand grenade looking like accumalation pot. They trolley me to my room and i was in bit a pain my shoulder and rib felt bruised. it felt like waking up after a football tournament but instead of legs hurting my upper body was. I was put on IV the whole day i slept a lot it was pay back time for me to bother my neighbour with my snoring. Nurse kept changing the IV bottles, i was not allowed to get out of bed as a precaution. It was odd to pee into a bottle with somebody just on the other side of curtains. They measured my BP levels, HR levels every 6 hrs and they even measured my pee everytime. I was not given any oral medication i guess everything was given to me via IV.

My hand started swelling late in the evening because of all that going through IV but was manageable. it was all decent and I slept like a log with consistent breaks in between. I have to admit food sucks in Manipal i dint want to eat but if i dint they were gonna make me take more IV and Nurse had told me if you are able to intake food orally without throwing up which apparently is one of the side effects of Anesthesia they will have to keep me admitted. Fearing this i ate whatever what bought to the table. But if i had an option to not eat i will not eat.

On the First day post surgery the drain container had around 50 Ml of fluid on both drains i dint get the exact number. Around 8:30 Dr Srikanth with Dr Ashok BC came to examine they went through the numbers Nurse collected from previous day to till then and said i was doing well and i can go home in the afternoon and asked me to comeback next day to meet Dr Ananteshwar.

And for the first time in 24 hrs i was allowed to walk and I finished the exit process. The cost came upto 94K. I had to take additional medicines which was around 500 Bucks in Rupees. And i went to the hotel i had booked to avoid questions at home.

Monday Morning my Drains were showing Right - 26 and Left - 23 and lot of it was in pipes. I met Dr Ananteshwar same day he explained about the surgery and took my questions. He asked one of his assisting Doctors to help declot the drain pipes for smooth flow. He asked to continue with medication and take as much rest possible. Asked me not to worry about diet and stuff.

I was on leave for rest of the week as i had planned way in advance so i had switched of my phone enjoyed the luxury of staying in hotel. Went for walk in morning n evening and caught up on reading, listening to music and i finished watching 4 Seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in next 5 days.

My Drain quantity read the following

Monday (Like given above) - Right 26, Left 23
Tuesday - Right 17, Left 11
Wednesday - Right 14, Left 9
Thursday - Right 3, Left 5

Doctor had advised me to come back once the Drain show less than 5 and Thursday i went back for the Drain Pipes to be removed i.e., 5th Day post surgery.

I came back to hotel removed my Compression vest took shower and my chest looks great excepting my Nipple area which looks all scrambled and disgusting. Sutures are still on i will be visiting Dr on 21st July to get the sutures removed. On the same day i will take Before Pictures and Take pictures my chest without sutures and post it on the portal.

its 2nd day with out the Drain pipes and exactly a week after the surgery, their is no pain except some discomfort because of immobility and Compression vest is annoying. Chest looks great and flat. Hopefully that bit of Discomfort is gone soon so i could start working out again and have the body i wished for years to have.

This is My story so far and i will keep you posted on what is happening in coming days. Thank you for reading through this.

Have a Nice day.


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all the best for ur recovery..!!!! please upload ur post and pre op pics...


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