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I don't think posting in a fashion that advocates the use of steroids is a particularly good idea.

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50 pounds in less then a week? either its a lie or you were running and working out without sleeping...

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seriously, such posts should be erased out.
ppl should have a sense of responsibility.......uc ironlord with  power comes responsibility n with responsibilities such posts should'nt comefrm ur side...ok steroids did good to u but pragmatically they cannot be advocated..using steroids is maledictory
a man walkin with gyno is a man walkin with a heart of steel

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I don't really know what your post has to do with gyne.  You started off talking about gyne and then you went into your workout program.  Do you have any pics?  


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It dealt with me in a way to cope with gyno and how it changed me. :)

I would attach a pic but i don't know how =\

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Ridiculous.  Steroids are abodybuilding cheat and the health threat it poses to adolescent males is not something to be taken lightly.  I'm happy that you're healthy today but if you're smart you'll never cycle again.


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