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Hey guys

Melbourne guy early 20's, naturally skinny, go to the gym so i've put on some muscle however the gyno is evident as such im getting the surgery done.

Had my consultation with dr sue thistlethwaite - this was the hardest part, she has a massive waiting list! literally wait a 2-3 months just for the consult.
The consult fee was $150 ($70 rebate from Medicare). Didn't start on a great foot, she ran a bit late (app 30 mins) not sure why.
However she was quite nice and professional. Informed me that i did not require Lipo as im not obese and a simple incision would suffice.
She explained clearly how this would rid of the gyno/puffy nipple and make my chest look normal/natural.

I've come to believe from the experiences i have read on this forum that Dr Sue doesn't perform the lipo much,  now this could be that the guys that have posted here are mostly naturally thin or not obese - or that she just doesn't believe in that method. Regardless she came highly recommended (via this forum).

My surgery is booked in for June.

Dr Sue's Fee $4000
Anaesthetic Fee: $1200
Clinic Fee: TBA
Other Fee's: App. $300

So not as cheap as i had read from previous posts...she must have increased her rates since '10.

I have as a back up booked a consult with Dr Ashley Granov from the Ashley Centre in a week, just to get his opinion on whether he believes i need the lipo or not (and to compare fee's) it was however difficult to get much information on Dr Ashley...

Will update weekly.

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Guys i had my surgery yesterday, this is how it went down:

9.30am - got an early phone call saying there was a canellation and to comein early. (was meant to be in at 11.30am)

10am - Very nice clinic (Linley clinic) is a very nice suburb of Melbourne, Clean room, LCD tv, clean ensuite.
- instructed to take a shower with there special gel, paying attention to my chest in particular
- instructed to put on my gown
- told not to shave (Will get back to this later)

10am - 1.15pm
- they shoed my mother out so i was alone in the clinic during this period. 2 things going on in my mind:
- VERY hungry
- VERY bored
unsure of why they get you to come in so early, but what can you do eh?

In between those hours i get 3 visits:
1. by my anaesthetist, who basically went through some basic questions of my past and informed me of the low odds of anything going wrong are.
2. a nurse with compression socks ($44) must wear these all day and the next 2 days
3. around 11.30 Sue finally came in, very quick visit, simply took a few photos and marked out the area she was going to look at with a marker.

as such for pre-op i highly suggets you bring in some form of entertainment, a book, magazine, ipod something to pass time because those three visits took all of 15 minutes accumulatively! leaving 3 hours of boredom.....

Finally i got called into the Operation theatre around 1.15pm.
Lay down on the bed, had something injected into me, and a few puffs of something and BAM i was out cold!

Next thing i know i am awake with the vest on me and 2 tubes sticking out of my nipples! Told to stay comfortable and sleep a little more. Definately have a head spin at this point!!

The anaesthesia took me a while to recover from! i was pretty drousy for a few hours after.
Had a bit to eat, watched some telly, was in a bit of pain.
Took some more drugs (as ordered) and watched some more tv.
I chose to stay the night as i wasn't feeling 100% to leave, again not sure why i felt so weak but they said it was more than fine to do so.

Toward the end of the night around 10pm came probably the worst part of the experience, and that is taking the tubes out.
The local had worm off and it had been a few hours since i had any pain killers....
taking the tubes themselves were a bit painfully, but what was worse was taking off the sticky tape that held them in place...the hair that was ripped out was VERY PAINFUL (i highly suggest you wax your body b4 this OP, i dont care if they say you dont need to...... YOU NEED TOO!! haha).
Hands down most painful part of this experience, taking tape off, the tape is so damn stubborn and adhesive, it took nearly every piece of hair off with it, i look like patch adams on my chest/stomach!

Can i add, the staff were VERY VERY good, checked up on me every 45 minutes whether i wanted them or not! always offering me food and what not, not allowing me to move without there assistance, 5 star service!

Next morning i woke up and felt wonderful had some breaky and headed home. Took one anti-inflamatory & digestin pain killer in the morning and had no other medication since (its app 6pm now).

Movement is currently still restricted, it is painful to reach out too far, im trying to move like a robot as much as i can.
The vest is tight, however im used to wearing tight clothing so its not bothering me at all....however if your used to loose clothing i could imagine this would be very difficult to get used to (i wear skins alot and this is similar tightness).

Next up:
I have an appointment with Sue tomorrow to take more of this tape off (not looking forward to more chest hair being ripped off) and i will report with updates then!
- Costs:
All fee's as stated above are still relevant, it cost just over $2000 to stay over night at the clinic, however Medibank Private covered all of this (i have the highest care so no excess was charged).
+ $44 for compression socks
+ $?? for medication (will get back to you about this)


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