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Hey guys,

I made a visit to Dr. Mason's office today and it went very well. He was very polite and seemed to be fairly educated about gyno. I suffer from puffy nipples with no real rock hard tissue underneath. My chest is completely flat except for the puffed nipples. He's planning to do just a glandular excision (half-moon cut on the border of the areola) and he said he's going to thin out the tissue so that my nipples will be flat.

The only thing I really didn't like was when he first told me he was planning on doing ultrasonic liposuction. I told him all about this website and the many, many, MANY articles I've read about gynecomastia and how guys like me with puffy nipples cannot be helped with liposuction. I told him about all the messages I've read labeled "Another victim of liposuction only...." and told him that I was not willing to risk it. But as it turns out...the straight-up glandular excision (which is what i wanted) is the cheapest form of surgery and least intrusive. So it all works out :)

I've scheduled to have surgery with him on July 20th...
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what does glandular excision alone cost? can it remove a larger mass?
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I can tell you guy's that I have recieved both.  Mine was more severe and I needed to have the liposuction and have the moon cut under the nipple.  The total surgery totaled around $6,000.  If I ever have time, I can show you my before and after pictures.  I had surgery on June 6th and it's still healing.
Surgery Date: 6/06/06
Surgeon: Dr. Elliot Jacobs M.D., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S., P.C.
Procedure: Liposuction and incision under the nipple.
Cost: $6,500
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OK, someone please correct me if I'm wrong on this, but the way I understand it is like this.  You will get the flatest results with a combination of excision + a lipo in the areola area.  The reason being is that there is a little fat attached to the glandular mass being removed.  Excision is going to remove most, hopefully all, of the gland but there will be still be a linear border between the fat and where the excised gland was removed.  You want that border smoothed out with a little lipo to the area.


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