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Dear Friends, I am from mumbai. For the last few years my brother had been putting on tremendous amount of weight.  He is 18 years old right now and weighs almost 105 kgs/ 230 pounds. However he is short 5 feet 8 inches. So you can imagine how over weight he is !!!

Being very lazy, he never could lose weight due to lack of physical activities.
We tried plenty of different diets - all failed.
Then When i heard about liposuction and gynecomastia - it was all go go right on from there.... However Mumbai city is filled with plastic surgeons - which doctor to get it done from - somebody who is well experienced - also does not over charge.

This was painstaking. after meeting almost 12 plastic surgeons over a period of 5 months and trying to understand the procedure and its probable side effects , cost etc ..... We selected Dr Lakshyajit Dhami from Mumbai.

We primarily we thought that his charges are a little step as compared to other - but then as they say - the best comes at a price. Today its been 7 months my bro has been operated. I am so proud of this doctor..My brother has lost 23 kgs fat !!!. He has done a perfect job!

This surgery has changed my brother's life.

All i want to tell you dear folks - You have to see it too believe it. Dr lakshyajit dhami rocks !!!!



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