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Dr. Cruise plastic surgery
had surgery with doctor cruise and i am one month post op.

dealing with gynecomastia since i was 16 and decided to get it done.

20 years old currently and results are great.  staff is very friendly and answers any questions or concerns.

best part operation did not hurt at all anesthetic had low side affects and results are looking great.

would recommend this doctor to anyone


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Re: Dr. Cruise plastic surgery
Im also interested in using this doc. Have you got any pics? Also, how much did you end up paying? Thanks and congrats.

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Re: Dr. Cruise plastic surgery
I had surgery w/ Dr. Cruise a couple weeks ago too.

My after pictures haven't been taken yet, but when I was trying to decide I looked through his website. He has a bunch of before and after pictures on there plus a ton of information about the procedure. I had what the doc called stage 1 gyne so I paid $5600.

He and his staff were great and the results are awesome.

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Re: Dr. Cruise plastic surgery
Steve1969 and dilligent any more updates?


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Re: Dr. Cruise plastic surgery
where is Dr. Cruise located? Would you say you had a severe condition?

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Re: Dr. Cruise plastic surgery
I am located in Newport Beach, CA and you can read about me and my practice at or give my office a call at 949-644-4808. I would be happy to talk with you about your individual cases.
Dr. Cruise
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
2081 San Joaquin Hills Road
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Before and After Pictures
Types of Gynecomastia


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