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First post so I'll give a little background.

I'm 28, have mild to moderate case of gyne that has been present since my teens. I've not been swimming in close to 15 years, not been on holiday anywhere hot, stay indoors away from people when its hot, never take my suit jacket off at work and have only ever had one girlfriend.
I get extremely depressed about how I feel about my appearance, and especially about how unattractive my gyne makes me. I am not overweight, but cannot summon the courage to go to the gym with my appearance the way it is.
I have been taking anti-depressants (you name it, I've probably had it) since I was 15 but they never deal with the problem. I have tried various councellors and other psychotherapy but nothing seems to be able to correct my self-esteem issues. I feel abnormal and unattractive.

Its (the physical and mental problems) not going to go away unless I get surgery.

I'm fortunate enough to be in the situation where I can afford the surgery without causing too much stress to my finances, and have a consultation booked with Dr Levick in a few weeks.
My concern is that I have heard some very bad stories about the results post-op, and knowing my mental composition well, bad results would be a final crushing blow to the little self-esteem I have left. I don't want to make my depressive tendancies worse, but don't know what else to do anymore.

Am I worried over nothing? Does the surgery mainly go well? Are there any stats about the results post-op?


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I think mos of the time a good result is achievable. I do think that you need to discuss your mental state with your surgeon before surgery. Good luck, and if you do get the procedure remember it takes time to see the final results.

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The effects of Gynecomastia are rarely physical, but very often there are serious emotional consequences. The emotional impact of the condition has little to do with the size of a man's breasts but simply be caused by their presence alone. How bad the condition is can be measured by the degree of emotional impact, not visually or with a tape.

Does a man need surgery? Strictly speaking, if we look only at the physical effects, It would be a very rare case where need for surgery exists. On the other hand, if we look at the emotional and psychological effects, Surgery can be quite liberating. While it may seem a stretch to propose surgery to treat an Emotional or Psychological problem; The fact remains that It can be very effective.

The decision is very personal, no one else can make this decision for you.

From the standpoint of a patient, it is a very simple procedure. From the standpoint of the surgeon, it is fine sculpture requiring lots of training and experience. If you do decide on surgery, choose your surgeon with the utmost care.

Welcome, you are among friends here.

Grandpa Dan

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Dude I was in the exact same boat as you. I am 28 myself, had gyne since middle school. I am not a overweight guy, never have been, but the gyne absolutely destroyed my life. I wanted to get the surgery for some time, but money was an issue. I actually got with a beautiful girl ( I was really good at hiding my gyne ) and I knew once sparks start to fly there's no way I would be able to be confident enough around her without my sweater on. That was the final push, I actually scheduled my surgery in TJ, Mexico, didn't tell a soul, just went down there myself (I live in southern California) and got it done. The results were beyond anything I could have imagined. Just pull the trigger and get it done, do your research on a surgeon who has a lot of experience, this is key.

Almost forgot to address your main question. Post-op was tough as with any surgery. My particular Dr. used a drain. I was bandaged up pretty well. I didn't get pain killers, but Ill tell you there aint no touching the chest for at least 4 months, at least for me. At 5 months the right side nipple (which was previously perfectly flat) started to bevel outwards. I finally inspected the area and noticed a big lump right under the nipple. I thought it was too much like gland to be scar tissue so I headed back to TJ and had the Dr look at it. He assured me it was scar tissue, and he even offered me a free lipo revision. I was gonna have that done this summer but the scar tissue miraculously dissipated! I am back to looking great, there is no visible scars, my ex girl couldn't even tell I had surgery. If you get it done, just make sure you give it 6-7 months to get the full effect. Honestly, if I could drive my white ass down to Mexico alone (I don't speak a lick of Spanish) anyone can get it done.


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