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   I am new to this board, but I will not be returning. I just want to thank for this forum. It is here I learned about Dr Caloca in Tijuana.
  I do not want to post a huge story here, I simply had an initial consultation with Dr Caloca, and about a week later I had a substantial amount of glandular tissue and fat removed from my chest. The surgery and the anesthesia was only $2300! I am about 3 weeks into my recovery and things look great. For the first time since I was 14 I can wear a t-shirt and not worry if my gyno will show.
 I obviously sympathize with anyone that suffers from this condition, yet can not afford a surgery to correct the condition. Dr Caloca's email is for those that are interested. Thank you Dr Caloca and thank you



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Another success story.  congrats anab635.  I have my surgery in two days.  I can't wait.


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