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I am 69 years old and have been taking diltiazem 360 mg for the past 6 months.  Since the diagnosis of afib I have stopped drinking alchol and have begun a low carb diet.  As a result I have lost about 40 lbs.  I am 6'4" and have gone from 245 to 205 lbs.  About two months ago by breasts became quite sore and I mentioned this to my Dr. At my recent 6 month checkup.   My Dr. Did a breast exam and confirmed it was gynecomastia not just fat that might go away.  Also over the same 6 month period, my blood sugar increased as did my cholesterol.  The blood sugar was high enough to trigger s glucose tolerance test and the cholesterol had gone from under 200 to the 230 range.   Because of the blood sugar, cholesterol and gynecomastia with breast soreness, I think my hormones my be messed up by the diltiazem.   The soreness/pain was so bad I went to Walmart and purchased a genie bra and a Hanes cozy bra. I had measured my at 39 under bust and 43 across. And after reading numerous comments in acceptance garments decided   style and cup size were too much to handle at this time.  I have been wearing a bra for the past two weeks and the relief is amazing.  I still have some discomfort that I think is related to drug side effect issues.  But the pain that had been exhausting by the end of the day, seems to be relieved by wearing a bra.   I have a few questions. Has anyone else had a similar experience with diltiazem,a calcium channel blocker?  Once I decided to try a bra and it really helped I went to a Lane Bryant to get a measurement but everything they had was way too big.  I'm thinking a bra that has an actual cup might be good for around the house.  What size would anyone suggest?  Do you think the soreness is from weight loss and pre existing gynecomastia that just has more movement, or could my hormones be out of balance because of the weight loss and or the diltiazem? Before I meet with my Dr. I will have blood work to check on free testosterone, she had also mentioned that a mammogram would be in order. 

By the way my wife supports the bra use and I see a bra as an article of clothing.

I am very thankful that I found this site.  The information and the knowing that you are not alone with the issue is very helpful.



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