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I didn't taught that it will get to me but i'm so depresses i just can't function .... I just can't do anything . I think about gyno 24/7 and other stuff that bothers me i'm so perfectionizm .. I'm so care about what others will think about my nipples , i know that they will tease me and i can't do anything about it , this site is my only hope in life , i think , i will never suicide and kill myself but i will think of it juat don't care if someone would kill me ,

Just do it now and fast to get over with the mental problems , i'm a healthy guy who was successful in school not until i started care roo muck about how i look , and all the teasing were bad and laughing at me....i want to live life but can't because all the taughts that going throgh me right now , i want to be that happy boy i was with friends , it's my birthday today and as you can see i'm so miserable and want to end my life to end this mental problem , it's just so hard so strong i can't get over with it's just ruining my life it takes everything and puts me down and i can't wait until surgery i don't think i will survive i want to die it's just the taughts i have to change my mind the society killed me why was i exposed to those stupid things , i'm so depressed can't do anything ,i have no use to live life , why i'm so care about things that aren't my faults , can anyone kill me to get over it , all day i'm crying becuse of it so bothers me , i will never forget about it i think it will be trauma for me for the rest of my lives just like the teasing it will be trauma ...i wish i could return to be that happy teen i was just enjoy life .. That's all i want but suicide is a permenat solution For temporary problem ..i just hate lifeee .. Trauma i will never forget my nipples .. I wish i could return to those days i didn't care about anything almost , just live my life ..



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So, think about this big guy. Your driving down the road feeling sorry for yourself and some little kid runs out in the street after his ball, you don't see him right away, but then catch him out of the corner of your eye, you swerve, but still hit him knocking him 15 feet in the air! The car your driving now rollers 3 times your knocked out. You come to in the hospital a few hours later only to find out that the little boy is going to be fine but, will need months of therapy, you will need to have one leg amputated above the knee the other below the knee.

So how do those little puffy nipples look now?

I've said it before, I'll say it again, get some help!

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Each time I go to the clinic and see my Doctor, I get a print out that reminds me of future appointments, Medications, and a list of my various diagnoses. The latter list Includes Peripheral Artery Disease. Coronary Artery Disease, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Diabetes, Neuropathy, Chronic Kidney failure stage 3, Cataracts, Etc. My Doctor knows about the Gynecomastia, but it is not important enough to be included on the list.

At some time in your life you will have to decide what is truly important. Puffy nipples is not on the list. 
Grandpa Dan


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