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I'll never be slimmer of the year - 5'8" and 210lbs.
Thanks mainly to this site and a programme on UK's Channel 4 I realized that I could do something about manbreasts.
I've been carrying these hateful things for 44 years.
I was offerred a free consultation with a Thai surgeon in a local Thai hospital - I'm in Thailand.
We spoke at about midday and due to my not having eaten was having surgery by 6pm the same day.
He said it was all fat so lipo would suffice. Butt naked (why?) I never felt a thing!
Next day the surgeon came in with a bag of bloody goo and said she had removed nigh on a litre of fat!
Discharged the next day and poorer by US$2385 that covered all charges and medications etc.
I've had no problems so far but the elastic bandage is as tight as hell.
I've got to wear it for 4 weeks 24/7 then 2 weeks nightime only.

Now on day 5 I've finally got the balls to remove the vest to shower. I've been terrified of what I might find!
Well I could be on the cover of a gay magazine, If my breasts stay as they are I'll be happy except they are hard with
hardly any feeling. My chest has turned purple and there is a bruise above the vest that is giving me hell.
I got 10 days anti inflammatory and 10 days antibiotic plus Tylenol.

My questions:
Though very sore now, is the pain and/or inflammation liable to increase once medication ceases?
Could I take this vest off for a few minutes a day to ease the discomfort?
Had I known what this discomfort (not pain) would be I'd be demanding morphine,
is there anything I could be doing to ease it or have I just got to be patient?
This elastic bandage is looking tatty on day 5, would it be safe to shower while wearing it?
I can't see it being very clean in a few weeks and they are not available outside of hospitals?

The picture is 1 day prior to the op

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