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Hey guys..
I've never really gone into details about my moobs, but you guys are understanding so why not?
When I was very young (around 8!) I would go swimming in my apartment building with my friends, I noticed how much bigger my boobs were than theres and I would cross my arms over my chest while walking around through the change rooms and around the pool, they would ask why? And I would tell them that I was cold.. These sorts of problems carried on through the later years of elementary school, and into junior high. I was also very skinny, I had severe on and off tonsilitis as a child and wasn't really able to eat properly. I played soccer from age 10-13 as well, but I do remember this kid on my soccer team saying "I can see your moobs, haha". Starting around the age of 12, i completely stopped going swimming on taking off my shirt, I developed a partial paralyzation in my face, and had to stop playing soccer for the summer, and I decided not to continue after that. I was just too embarassed.. people would make fun of me all the time. I am not a self-concious person, but it just gets to you.. Then as I got older, people seemed to get meaner, people would point out my boob size when we were in groups, embarassing me in public. I gained weight when I was around 14 and was actually happy because they wouldn't be as obvious. It was pretty much the wrong decision but whatever.. I have lost weight now, and really am not that fat. I am 5 8, 16 y/o and 150 lbs. People touch them at school, make fun of me all the time and it is really bad for my self esteem. Turns out my dad has had the same problem, and his father as well. My grandpa always made my dad wear a tight shirt under his clothing so he wouldn't be made fun of.
And I did not start puberty early, I actually still haven't gone through puberty for the most part, just a deeper voice.. Barely any hair at all.

Thanks for reading, just makes me a little bit less depressed when I know other people understand.


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Weve all been there man Stay strong, and hopefully you can get the surgery, eventually

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I am 74 year old, Probably older than your grandpa. my story is like yours too.

Kids can be awfully cruel and say hurtful things. This has not changed in my lifetime and I'm sure your father and grandfather have had to endure this as well.

You are much more fortunate in some ways though, Compression garments available these days are better than anything I could have immagined and surgery which was once so crude has become very refined. Until it time for surgery when you are more physically mature, a compression garment could deal with your contour problems and help conceal your breasts.

You are very fortunate to have parents and grandparents who are so understanding.
Grandpa Dan

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You are young. I would recommend to get surgery NOW! When you reach your adulthood, it will effect you worse than you are now. When I was your age, I did not care and they were pretty sever case of gyne. It started to hit me in my second year of college and now I feel super torned by it. Hopefully your parents will understand but it will help you in your future, believe me.


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