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I've been suffering from gyno since I was 13 and hid it from my family and friends for 7 years. Every now and then my friends would notice no matter how good a job I did at hiding it and crack a joke and then usually not care. But anyways, yesterday I was upstairs looking for food wearing an old t-shirt that was a little too small for me(big mistake) and my sister made a joke to my mom with me in the kitchen. I figured since the ice had already been broken I'd tell them about it and how I planned to save up and pay for the surgery myself since my family could never afford it(I'm currently a broke college student). My mom was really understanding and accepted it(totally didn't expect this) whereas my sister gave me the whole "just work out" bit and told me not to "take the easy way out" with surgery, she's always like that so I didn't really care.

I was a little overwhelmed that my secret for 7 years had been exposed by this of all ways, but today my mom approached me and told me that she couldn't believe I've been embarassed by this for so long and how she always wondered why I would swim with a shirt on, etc. Then she said something that I never expected her to, she said "I talked with your stepdad and he also couldn't believe that you kept this from us, but we both agreed that you can go ahead with the surgery whenever you want and we'll take care of it." WOW! I could not be happier, I wish I told them sooner, this conversation only happened about 20 minutes ago and I'm still so fraigin happy, I'm finally going to have the surgery and not worry about anything, this is incredible!

Well, sorry about the rant guys, but to you guys still nervous about talking to your family about it, sometimes it's better to take the risk, you'll never know until you try. Good luck to you guys! Oh, and I'd like to thank everyone on this board, up until last year I had no idea gyno existed and felt extremely helpless that I work out/diet and there was nothing I could do to get rid of them, thank you guys!

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Wow, Karu!  That is amazing news!  Congrats on finally telling your family about it.  It really took me a long time to man up and just let my parents know I was serious about having surgery done.  Unfortunately I had to take out a student loan to get it done, but hey, my parents were really supportive as soon as I told them.  And since I'm already a broke college student, what's another five grand?  ;D

Keep us posted on how everything goes!


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whereas my sister gave me the whole "just work out" bit and told me not to "take the easy way out" with surgery

Everyone I've ever told has said that to me. I'm not fat all, I'm quite thin, but my mother always says to me "its because of all the junk you eat" and tells me to do more exercise. I do loads of exercise, and I bring lunch from home which my mother makes, and the only other food I eat is at home anyway, except the occasional mars bar or something.

If its anything to do with my diet then its her fault, not mine.

Anyway dude congratulations on getting the surgery.


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