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I finally built up a bit of some courage and booked a consultation with a surgeon here in melbourne.  I was buisy at work on the day i went so i rushed in partly distracted cause  i had a lot of work to do. Which was a good thing.

The Dr said i would just require the removal of the tissue.  And that i would be put under local ansethic, so i would be partly awake i guess.

I am pretty fit, with a six pack, but the puffy nips have always destroyed the look i have aspired for in the gym.  I am not massive but have pecs with the puffy nips making it all look femine.

So i am pretty happy, surgery will be in a month or so.

Just wondering people experiences with strictly removal of puffy nipps.  What to expect.

Does the chest swell up, will i need a compression vest, whats the deal with after surgery areola size (will it be puffy), will the shape of the chest change dramatically from the two tents i have on my chest at the moment....

looking forward to it..... might get a tan for the following summer tooo!!!!


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this is prolly what i am just going to need, do you have any pics if you dont mind showing. Im interested because im working on a six pack right now so i want to see how it looks with lower body fat with someone who is built.

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I just had my puffy nipples operated on 2 months ago... not trying to discourage you but I have seen some change however, they don't look like a normal guys and are still puffy, which I am very, very dissapointed about.

I went under general anesthetic in Brisbane. They made a cut on both nipples, on the lower half in one of the folds. They extracted some tissue then when I woke up I had an oxygen mask and a pressure vest on. My nipples were stinging quite a bit and I needed a dose of morphine.

I have to wear white patches over my nipples for 6 months after surgery and a pressure vest for 2.

For two weeks after surgery I wasn't allowed to do 'anything'. I wasn't allowed to pick up a 2L juice, go for a walk etc. I had to sit at home doing nothing at all.

It definately wasn't worth it for me because my nipples are still puffy.

- Maybe a contract, because you don't want to be in my boat after $1500+ down the drain. (Hopefully mine will get better... >.<)

Good luck though.

I have to wear these things for 6 MONTHS! So embarrasing for such a little improvement.


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