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I been dealing with moobs my whole life, i am 20 yrs old and i am bolemic and depressed. Im an introverted person i dont have much to say to people and i can count all my friends in one hand,im not overweight but i do have big moobs,do u know how it feels like to wake up every morning hating yourself so much u wished urself dead?i am so depressed i never leave my house i dont go out im sad all the time, i constantly wish i was someone else but u kknow what this is it,everydaay i wake up with a strong desire to kill myself and the ttime has come, i have no money,no friends,no girlfriend,nothing i just thought ill get on heree and take some thingss off my chest...haha if it were that easy!!!...please help me



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Chris, I know what it is like to wake up with big breast every day all my like! I had mine all my like as long as I can remember even as a very young teen back when there was no surgery for removal or even a name for it or at least that I knew of. I'm now almost 56 fathered 5 grandfather of 3 and lived a very full life served my country for 11 years and owed my own company too! My boobs are now DDs!

Chris, there is hope for you, this is not the end of the world! Don't let the bumps made up of fat, breast tissue and skin control your life, you take control!

Chris, if you can not do this alone, there is professional help out there for you! You have made the first step by reaching out hear on this forum, we are all here to support one another.

Welcome to the forum.


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i'm just the same as you bro , every day i'm fighting with it knowing undershirt i have gynecomastia ... i think alot of teens could suicide cause of this condition ' living with gynecomastia ' i remember all the times people noted me that my nipples look awful and i remember every part on the on each story that people laughed at me because it was so improtant for me ... i think you should go to doctor and see how he could help you  :) i'm trying everyday to fight with it but for now i'm depressed so i just think that i canwt help since i'm in the same condition as you .. i'm waiting to do my surgery and finally get over with it even everyone telling my i just have puffy nipples and not gynecomastia i just feel the breast tisuue under my nipples and i just want to tremove it it's so depressing i know the feeling ..

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In addition to Gynecomastia, I have Hypertension, Peripheral artery disease, Coronary artery disease, an abdominal aortic aneurism,  Angina, Stage 3 chronic kidney failure, Diabetes, Arthritis in my knees and shoulders, Cataracts in both eyes, Ulnar nerve Neuropathy of both ulnar nerves with loss of fine muscle function in both hands, And the latest you can add is obesity. What I have never had is depression. Each new day is a blessing full of golden opportunities. Another blessing in my life is my ever faithful wife. It has always been my good fortune to have work that I enjoyed and which provided for my needs.

At the age of 76 I still go camping regularly and manage a 3 mile walk almost every evening. I am a very fortunate man.
Grandpa Dan


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If having breast would have been so much a downer I would have never join the Navy and have seen so many places all over the world, married and have five children and now have three grandchildren.

It didn't stop me from owning my own business actually two of them, and taking my kids camping at least ever other week end. It still doesn't stop me from hunting of fishing, or having fun with the grand kids.

I do much of this with the use of a wheelchair, I have to hunt now from a ATV because I no longer can walk much more then a few feet without the fear of falling, I have prosthetic knees, pins in my back in more then one place holding together, take 6 plus shots a day as needed to control blood sugar and a heart attack at the age of 37 I'm now 56.

I was a guy that was a Navy diver and was as fit as a anyone could be, and guess what? I'm not depressed!

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If you are suicidal, I urge you to go here and contact a hotline.  Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem!

You came to the right place. Here, you will find others who were tortured and tormented for years because of their man boobs, and good news for you, a lot of us got it fixed, including me! Yes, it is expensive, yes it is a process, but when you take your vest off after recovery and put a shirt on, and your shirt doesn't poke straight out from your glands, or you don't have to hide when the wind blows against you, it was all worth it. I don't know your particular situation, but I recommend getting a job and socking money away for the surgery. Do your best to hide it for now and keep the end goal in mind.


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