Author Topic: Bilateral Gynecomastia treated on 29th Oct 2013  (Read 1548 times)

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To my surprise B/L Gynecomastia is a reason to be unfit for joining Indian Army (IMA).
I got unfit for this with one more recommended candidate.
We decided not to turn back and get it operated asap as we only 42 days to appeal.

But I was least interested in Army now.. I wanted to get rid of it personally since long back, around 6 years. This was the best opportunity..

Surgery done on 29 oct 2013
South Extension II, Delhi, India.

Almost no pain during fully awake surgery. but you feel everything happening.
 ws scared like hell.

Surgery duration- 2.5 hrs
Glands removed- 165gm +170gm
Fat- 100 ml
Blood- approx 1ml (Bloodless)

after surgery---> ::) ::)

took tea biscuits in clinic itself.
Wore compression garment in half an hour after resting.
within 1.5hrs left clinic in an auto for home.

1st night when the anesthesia effect was over, huge uncomfort and pain too. but pain killer did work well.
second day also some pain was there.
took pain killers. Rest in bed preferable, however moved around for washroom, brushing..

third day went bak to clinic for getting the dressing opened. a lot of fluid was stored in bandages along with some blood.

Chest was absolutely flat.. :)
stitches on areolar. both nipple area was lil deformed than before.

got dressing changed. wore compression garment. came bak..

4th day.. removed all dressings. on key hole area, i applied waterproof band aid both sides. and on nipple area applied neosprin powder. wore simple cotton white vest. Above that wore compress vest. In the evening went for diwali shopping with dad. had to protect the operated area in crowd. becoz it hurts while pressing/touching. got ehausted soon so better dont move out for a week.

Nipples are little senseless now. waiting for 1 week to complete.. to see more prominent changes..  ;D ;D ;D


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Hi; thanks for sharing your experience. Wish you a speedy recovery.


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